Welcome to Homebrews Connexion

Here is a place to find and discover all the new games for retro consoles. Homebrews Connexion allows players to find the right place
to download the games and enjoy them while exploring the author’s websites and maybe more and more projects !
It also allows collectors to find the cartridge or disc version of the games. An easy way to see if the games are available or sold out.

« Homebrew » is a term used for a game released after the consoles was removed from market.
Originally, it was made by amateurs that create new retro games for old consoles in their free time. Sometimes alone.
The homebrew scene has evolved from a single person to small teams, new studios, that can be amateurs or professionals.
Becoming a new part of Indie scene, new “indie retro games” are now made by a diversity of people working on new projects
with different scales and budget.

I keep using « homebrew » term because I want to support all these new projects.
Especially the smallest ones that are made with passion and most of the time gave for free.

They deserve to be known and played !

I created Homebrews Connexion because I maintain lists of homebrews on the yAronet forum.
But it is all scattered in each console sections with tons of topics, in a french forum.
I wanted it to be more accessible and modern (even if I will continue to update the charts on yAronet).
All I want is to help you, retrogamers, to discover new projects and creators.

Be curious.
Explore all the contents and the authors’ websites.
They deserve support if you love their works.

Now, here is what is fully updated on Homebrews Connexion right now :
NES and Famicom games
Dreamcast games
SNES games
PC Engine and PCFX games
PS1 games
Wonderswan games
Gameboy games

And what will come next (maybe in this order) :
Megadrive games
Vectrex games
Neogeo AES and MVS games
Master System games

And more to come 🙂

If you want to follow all homebrews scenes, you can follow my Twitter account or #hbconnexion tag !
I want to thank all the people helping me since 2014 with all that database :
Antoine Gohin, Bjorn, Fadest, FRONT, Godzil, Kuk, Nicolas Bétoux, Odie_One, RogerBidon, Saturn, Zerosquare…
And a special thanks to Dacobah for the creation of this website !